Investor Relations in Venture Capital and native Smart Contract Investors

Our approach to Investor Relations (IR) underscores an enduring commitment to transparency and active engagement with two crucial groups: Venture Capital investors and investors in native smart contracts of the DAO.

For VENTURE CAPITAL investors, our goal is to provide open and clear access to relevant information about our company's activities. Similar to publicly traded companies, we recognize that integrity, ethics, and transparency in a closed-capital society must exceed those of publicly listed firms. This is especially crucial as venture capital investors assume greater risks. Our mission is to make clear and transparent data available regarding our performance, strategies, and projections. This transparency not only strengthens the relationship with Venture Capital investors but also ensures that their market assessments accurately reflect the true growth potential of our company.

In the realm of native smart contract investors, we acknowledge the importance of trust and security in blockchain-based transactions. We are committed to providing updated information about our projects and initiatives that leverage the DAO's native smart contracts. This openness aims to build a solid foundation of trust, essential for a lasting partnership with investors involved in this innovative ecosystem.

We take our responsibility to maximize value for all investors seriously. We continually seek opportunities to strengthen our leadership position, reinvent our businesses and served sectors, and promote more robust growth and higher returns. We invest in innovation, strategically position our businesses to explore emerging opportunities, and consistently enhance operational efficiency and cost structures.

By establishing and maintaining these robust relationships with equity and smart contract investors, we are committed to building a sustainable and successful financial future for all involved.