Ethical Conduct

ExtractoDAO Comprehensive Code of Conduct

I. Introduction

1. Purpose and Scope: ExtractoDAO is committed to maintaining a safe, inclusive, and ethical environment for all individuals associated with our organization, including employees, entrepreneurs, clients, investors, customers, and suppliers. This Comprehensive Code of Conduct outlines our commitment to ethics, integrity, and respect in all interactions and activities;
2. Application: This Comprehensive Code of Conduct applies to all parties involved with ExtractoDAO, irrespective of their roles or positions. It is an essential guideline to ensure that we maintain the highest standards of ethical behavior, promote social and environmental responsibility, prevent any form of harassment, racial discrimination, homophobia, sexism, or religious discrimination, and ensure ethical labor practices.


II. Ethical Principles

1. Respect for All: We value and respect the dignity, diversity, and unique contributions of all individuals. We commit to maintaining an inclusive and discrimination-free environment;
2. Zero Tolerance for Harassment and Discrimination:
We strictly prohibit any form of harassment, racial discrimination, homophobia, sexism, or religious discrimination. Such behavior will not be tolerated;
3. Social and Environmental Responsibility:
We are committed to acting responsibly and sustainably in all our activities. We strive to minimize our impact on the environment, conserve natural resources, and promote social well-being in the communities where we operate;
4. Prevention of Slavery and Human Trafficking: We are dedicated to preventing slavery and human trafficking in all aspects of our operations. We ensure that our suppliers and business partners uphold these same principles;
5. Reporting Violations: If you witness or experience any violation of this Comprehensive Code of Conduct, we encourage you to report the incident. Please contact us at: [email protected]
All reports will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and investigated thoroughly. We will take appropriate actions, including escalation to relevant authorities if necessary.


III. Reporting and Resolution Process

1. Reporting Violations:
a. Basic Principles: ExtractoDAO is dedicated to providing a safe, inclusive, and harassment-free environment. We acknowledge the right of all parties associated with ExtractoDAO to report concerns and violations of this Comprehensive Code of Conduct;
b. How to Report: If you witness or experience a violation, please report it through the following contact: [email protected]
All reports will be treated confidentially and with the utmost seriousness. To ensure transparency and accountability, ExtractoDAO will investigate all reported violations and escalate them to relevant authorities if necessary.

2. Investigation Process:
a. Company Responsibility: ExtractoDAO will appoint an Ethics and Compliance Committee responsible for conducting internal investigations in response to reports. The committee will consist of impartial and adequately trained individuals who will conduct rigorous and fair investigations;
b. Investigation Procedure: Upon receiving a report, the Ethics and Compliance Committee will conduct a comprehensive and impartial investigation, which may include interviews with involved parties and the collection of evidence where appropriate. The company will take the necessary steps to ensure that victims and reporters are protected against retaliation;
c. Communication of Findings: ExtractoDAO will communicate the investigation results and actions taken or planned to the reporter when possible and as permitted by law.
3. Protection Against Retaliation: ExtractoDAO strictly prohibits any form of retaliation against good-faith reporters. Individuals who witness or report violations must be protected against retaliation, and any attempts at retaliation will be addressed vigorously.


IV. International Application

This Comprehensive Code of Conduct applies to all parties involved with ExtractoDAO worldwide. It reflects our global commitment to ethics, integrity, and respect. We maintain a zero-tolerance stance towards all forms of discrimination and prejudice and strive to uphold a safe and inclusive environment in all our operations, regardless of location.


V. Conclusion

This Comprehensive Code of Conduct represents ExtractoDAO's commitment to fostering a safe, inclusive, ethical, socially responsible, and environmentally friendly working environment. We rely on the collaboration of all parties to uphold and respect these guidelines. Together, we can build a global community that values diversity, combats all forms of discrimination, and promotes social and environmental well-being.
This is the expanded Code of Conduct, which includes social and environmental responsibilities, labor practices, and the prevention of slavery and human trafficking.


Team ExtractoDAO