• Who is the Prince?

    The only thing we know is that he has delivered a manifest to Joel Almeida who has become the person responsible for the initial hiring of the development team. We have no other information in this regard.

  • What is a drawer?

    Drawers carries the same sense as the wooden drawers from in a lawyer's office cabinet which is the place where client documents are stored. Here is the new storage technology idealized by the Prince, taken from paper and executed by the development team at ExtractoDAO. This is the solution to the problem of smart contract storage for the Futures Market which is being developed in the ExtractoDAO platform, seeing that traditional wallets were developed for the storage of tokens from the cash (spot) market and not for smart contracts for the Futures Market.

  • What is the liquidity pool?

    Liquidity pools are smart contracts that contain tokens supplied by a platform user. These contracts are self executable, in other words, they do not need middlemen to work. The liquidity pools are essential tools to guarantee the proper functioning of the DeFi ecosystem. In summary, they allow users to block tokens, creating a type of reserved-funds stock in exchange for rewards.

  • Which is Max Supply issuance of Bull Tokens?

    Our Max Supply issuance will be of 1 billion Bull Tokens. There will be no new issuance of governance tokens at ExtractoDAO (1,000,000,000.00 – 1 billion Max Supply) Bull Tokens. Only 10% of the tokens will be in circulation for participants to buy at the cost of US 0.10¢ (10 cents on the dollar) per units for each bull token. Our smart contract follows: Our present market cap is USD$ 100,000,000 (100 million US dollars) In Bull Tokens issued on the Polygon network. The number of tokens in circulating Supply is at present 1,000,000 tokens (100 million tokens) Lower case which will be available in the OCT market and DEX PancakeSwap among others as well as the ExtractoDAO DEX.

  • What is Extracto@?

    It is the name given to the Futures contracts which the participant will receive as he cooperates with the production of Commodities at ExtractoDAO. Each Futures Contract issued represents a kilo (KG) and costs USD$5,00 plus network fees. ExtractoDAO will revolutionize the use of smart contracts as nothing ever has before.

  • What are smart contracts?

    Nick Szabo was the person who cited the term smart contracts for the first time in an article. He is a computer scientist, jurist and cryptographer known for his research in the field of smart contracts and digital currency. He first coined the term smart contracts in 1994. Smart contracts are fundamental building blocks for dApps apps on the EOS, Etherium, Tron and other networks. These are blockchain-stored computer programs which allows you to convert traditional contracts in digital equivalents. These function precisely as they were programmed and cannot be altered.

  • What is DeFi?

    It's an abbreviation for decentralized finances, and refers to a set of services and financial products that operate with base on protocol directives utilizing blockchain.

  • What is DEX?

    Decentralized Exchange (DEX) is an online peer-to-peer service which allows for direct cryptocurrency transactions between two interested parties.