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About the ExtractoDAO

ExtractoDAO, the pioneer in the blockchain space, introduces the world's first decentralized exchange (DEX) designed to revolutionize the trading market of real physical economy products. Unlike traditional exchanges, ExtractoDAO focuses on listing future smart contracts for entrepreneurs and producers in the non-securities market of tangible products.

Our platform is founded on transparency, accessibility, and innovation. We have strategically aligned ourselves with regulators to obtain supervision to list all assets that are not considered securities, ensuring a compliant and democratic financial market. This unique positioning allows ExtractoDAO to be the bridge between the physical economy and the blockchain, providing a decentralized trading environment for assets that fall outside the conventional commodities or securities categories.

ExtractoDAO stands out in its commitment to supporting small-scale producers globally. Through our platform, these producers can access the capital needed for sustainable production, breaking down the barriers they often face in traditional financial systems. Our mission is to create a fair and transparent marketplace that benefits all participants, fostering trust and efficiency in the trading of innovative and unique products.

Key Features of ExtractoDAO:

Comprehensive Asset Listing: We are dedicated to listing a wide variety of assets beyond traditional commodities or securities. Our platform aims to support the trading of unique and innovative products, promoting diversity and inclusivity.

Legal Compliance: ExtractoDAO operates within the bounds of regulatory frameworks, ensuring that all transactions on our platform adhere to the relevant laws. We prioritize working alongside regulators to maintain a compliant and trustworthy marketplace.

Smart Contract Repository: Our platform offers a secure and immutable smart contract repository, guaranteeing the correct execution of agreements between parties. This functionality ensures a reliable environment for transparent and verifiable transactions.

Global Accessibility: ExtractoDAO is accessible to entrepreneurs worldwide, including those in regions with less developed economies. Any country can list its companies and products for trading, providing global visibility to traders worldwide.

Decentralized Trading: Smart contracts are traded peer-to-peer without third-party intermediation, eliminating the need for custodianship and providing users with full control over their assets.

Innovation in Capital Access: We provide an alternative route to tokenization, allowing advances in capital from third parties to producers via blockchain. Entrepreneurs receive investments directly into their digital wallets without intermediaries like banks.

Risk Mitigation: The platform carefully evaluates smart contract listings, exempt from registration by the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission. While it does not review offers in advance, ExtractoDAO strives to provide clear risk warnings and investor educational materials for informed decision-making.

ExtractoDAO introduces a groundbreaking solution to the global timeshare market, empowering builders to list and sell their timeshare globally, transforming the way people access and utilize timeshare properties. This innovative platform mitigates the challenges faced by builders in reaching a global audience and provides a secure and efficient avenue for transactions.

Key Features of ExtractoDAO's Timeshare Trading Platform:

Global Accessibility: Builders can now showcase their timeshare properties to a global audience, expanding their reach beyond traditional boundaries. ExtractoDAO facilitates instant transactions in USDT, USDC, ensuring swift and secure payments directly to the builder.

Secure Transactions: The platform eliminates the risk of misappropriation or custody issues by facilitating direct payments to the builder. This ensures that every penny from the timeshare sale goes directly to the builder, providing a trustworthy and secure transaction environment.

Document Verification: Buyers can verify the legitimacy of timeshare properties through Drawer technology, accessing all legal documents related to the property. This transparency builds trust between buyers and builders, fostering a reliable marketplace.

Resale Opportunities: Buyers have the flexibility to resell their timeshare on the DEX if they no longer wish to use it. The platform facilitates seamless transfers of usage rights through smart contracts, ensuring legal compliance and transparent documentation.

Effortless Transition of Ownership: The platform manages the transfer of ownership rights smoothly, documenting all legal aspects of usage rights and dates through smart contracts. Additionally, the buyer's KYC information is securely stored for a hassle-free reservation experience.

DeFi Integration for Rental Income: For those who choose not to utilize their weeks, they have the option to lock the smart contract and earn rental income in DeFi. This innovative feature allows users to capitalize on their timeshare investment by participating in decentralized finance.

Liquidity Pool Rewards: Rental incomes are deposited into the liquidity pool, and individuals who participated in the rental receive returns in USDT, USDC and DAI. The returns surpass those offered by traditional DeFi platforms, providing an additional incentive for users.

What changes with ExtractoDAO?


Smart contracts hedge

You can manage structured smart contract operations and hedge against the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. Manage stable contracts and avoid risky tokens without ballast. Settle your contracts whenever you want.


Smart contract trading

The world's first DeFi that does not use token collateral to generate profits for participants. You trade smart contracts. Store your smart contracts in your very own Drawer, or trade them before their expiration.


Smart Contract Listings

List your business, receive global investments through smart contract negotiations: Manage a repository of smart contracts that ensures the accurate and immutable execution of agreements between involved parties in the trading process.


Decentralization of private property

The premise is that private property will now be able to acquire through a collective sense of ownership rather than an individual one.


DeFi with hybrid liquidity

ExtractoDAO has created hybrid functionality to the concept of DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake), Bringing to the market capital DPR (Delegates Per Reputation).


Community-Owned Wealth Securities (COWs)

It is an innovative form of community investment instruments in the Ecosystem. These COWs is generated after the burning of individual smart contracts that have expired, resulting in the issuance of COWs.


Your voting power

We have decided to apply the kg mathematics to symbolize the voting power. Votes have a weight in kg (KG) which may vary from 0.001 kg to 5 kg.


Delegate per reputation

One of the novelties for the market allows delegates to receive the hybrid license of powers in the ExtractoDAO ecosystem. This delegation of power will be based on the reputation acquired through participation in the Bull Token.


The prosperity game

EXFARM is a teaching game with the Drawer function where you are able to visualize your smart contracts and simultaneously monitor the gaining weight – or fattening of animals – as you play.