We are creating the future

Haven't you ever heard of the word drawer in the cryptocurrency market?  Do you know what a drawer is?

What changes with ExtractoDAO?


Smart contracts hedge

You can manage structured smart contract operations and hedge against the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. Manage stable contracts and avoid risky tokens without ballast. Settle your contracts whenever you want.


Smart contract trading

The world's first DeFi that does not use token collateral to generate profits for participants. You trade smart contracts. Store your smart contracts in your very own Drawer, or trade them before their expiration.


The real futures market

[email protected] contracts offer market participants a wide range of products - which will be offered to sophisticated traders and financial institutions. Smart contracts offer flexibility and precision to manage your exposure in the cryptocurrency market without being positioned in cryptocurrencies.


Decentralization of private property

The premise is that private property will now be able to acquire through a collective sense of ownership rather than an individual one.


DeFi with hybrid liquidity

ExtractoDAO has created hybrid functionality to the concept of DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake), Bringing to the market capital DPR (Delegates Per Reputation).


You print your own currency

When the futures contract reaches maturity, the contract is burned, the buyer will receive the Cow coin and will immediately be able to exchange his Cow coin for say USDT, BUSD, USDC and the positions will be closed.


Your voting power

We have decided to apply the kg mathematics to symbolize the voting power. Votes have a weight in kg (KG) which may vary from 0.001 kg to 5 kg.


Delegate per reputation

One of the novelties for the market allows delegates to receive the hybrid license of powers in the ExtractoDAO ecosystem. This delegation of power will be based on the reputation acquired through participation in the Bull Token.


The prosperity game

EXFARM is a teaching game with the Drawer function where you are able to visualize your smart contracts and simultaneously monitor the gaining weight – or fattening of animals – as you play.

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The world's only DeFi that generates profits in the real economy without multicollateral risks

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We are creating the future


Joel Almeida

Joel Almeida

Since 2005, he has been a technology entrepreneur in various fields, including blockchain, streaming media, cryptocurrency mining, centralized and decentralized finance. He also founded an education company and a digital bank.


Eduardo Rodrigues

Eduardo Rodrigues

Developer and Project Manager since 1999, professor, speaker and investor in the centralized and decentralized market.

Mainardes Shiinoki

Mainardes Shiinoki

Blockchain and Backend Developer, Entrepreneurial Engineer of Digital Banks and Financial Market.

Joel Esteves Neto

Joel Esteves Neto

Blockchain | Backend | Node.js | TypeScript | Docker | TDD | Python | AWS | SQL

Lucas Oliveira

Lucas Oliveira

I received the Blockchain Professional Certification from the University of California - Berkeley. Blockchain DeFi University of Nicosia.

Robson Miranda de Santana

Robson Miranda de Santana

Fullstack developer blockchain with experience in developing web and mobile applications integrated with blockchain, API's with NodeJS

Lucas Gomes

Lucas Gomes

Developer blockchaim, Front-End Jr | HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Git, GitHub, React, NextJs, ViteJs

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